Thank you for joining us at Chicago Winery!

Attendees didn’t have to go far to find groundbreaking strategies to empower their business with breakthrough data, AI, and emerging technology. At FutureIT Chicago, a one-day supercharged event took place for tech professionals in Chicago at the unique Chicago Winery.

We dove into the how-to strategies that revolutionize the ability to generate business value with emerging technologies in business rooted in IDC research.

Attendees had a revolutionary opportunity to tackle their AI and data challenges in Chicago with trusted content you can’t find anywhere else.


Who Attended?

Chicago IT and security executives and professionals, including managers, directors, VPs, CIOs, and CISOs responsible for:

  • Preparing for emerging technologies in business from generative AI to quantum computing
  • Communicating and gathering information from key stakeholders to determine priorities
  • Strategies for building digital trust internally and with customers
  • Using technology to drive experiences
  • Assessing current and proposed regulations that will guide technology use and development

Featured Keynote Speaker

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